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Looking for some Vera Bradley Patterns? To make your navigation of easy and painless, we have set it up so you can search for Vera Bradley Purses and accessories by pattern, so you can find that perfect Vera Bradley pattern that you just love and find all the neat and lovely bags and totes and accessories that go with it. Be sure to check out the newest additions to the Vera Bradley patterns too for 2012.  Some of the newer patterns like Priscilla Pink, Doodle Daisy, Summer Cottage, Lime’s Up, Camellia, and Tea Garden have been wildly popular, but you can find even some retired patterns below.  Be sure to “Like” this page or bookmark it so you can come back often and always be updated with the latest patterns so you can find the Vera Bradley pattern you have been looking for.  Enjoy browsing.


Vera Bradley Handbags to Buy and Review

The Online place that reviews Vera Bradley Purses and products!  Do you just LOVE these handbags? Well then you have come to the right place. Here you can check out beautiful and retired  handbags and accessories that will both match the items you already have and new products at low discount prices that make it easy to own and wear. So, we hope to get rid of all those reasons you had for not owning that new  purses, or even find an excuse to buy an old retired handbag that you can find here. Browse around and find the perfect handbag with Buy that purse .com. So go ahead and Buy That Purse you have been looking for!  We are NOT a Vera Bradley retailer, nor do we sell any of their products.  We merely show you auctions on eBay where people are selling these items and are compensated for these sales.


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At we show you where to find the largest selection of discontinued Vera Bradley Purses and accessories found anywhere on the web. We do this by teaming up with eBay and providing easy navigation through our categories. We know you love this brand! That”s why you are here, right? So now you don”t just have to look at that great handbag in the magazine; you don”t have to just wonder what that purse would look like on you; here, you can Buy That Purse! So take your time and look around at the huge selection of low priced discontinued Vera Bradley patterns. It”s like one great big yard sale… without all the haggling of course. You never know what you may find.

Vera Bradley Microfiber Purses

You will love the feel and quality of the microfiber handbags that Vera Bradley has put out. These purses come in black, brown, and a whole bunch of other colors now and have their own unique style and elegance. The microfiber collection is more rare than the other patterns but check out some of the selection we have here for great deals on Vera Bradley microfiber products.