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Search Vera Bradley by Style

We have a wide selection of Vera Bradley handbag styles from Hannah to Morgan, Bucket tote, Cargo sling, Backsack, Tic Tac Tote, Baby Bag, Betsy, Sherry and more. If you still cannot find the style of Vera Bradley handbag you are looking for, try doing a search in the search box at he top of the page. We have made it simple for you to navigate the website and help narrow your search for the perfect Vera Bradley handbag, so take your time as you browse the selection.  Some of the newer handbag styles will be coming shortly as well.  No matter what you style or taste is, Vera Bradley probably has just the perfect one for you.  The Saddle Back and Stephanie styles have been a sensational hit and you can get them in most of the patterns seen on the patterns page, except for the older retired patterns of course.  And always keep in mind that if a pattern is retiring soon, than you should get the style you want in that pattern, since  it will never be made available in any of the newer designs.

Search Vera Bradley by Pattern

Looking for some Vera Bradley Patterns? To make your navigation of easy and painless, we have set it up so you can search for Vera Bradley Purses and accessories by pattern, so you can find that perfect Vera Bradley pattern that you just love and find all the neat and lovely bags and totes and accessories that go with it. Be sure to check out the newest additions to the Vera Bradley patterns too for 2012.  Some of the newer patterns like Priscilla Pink, Doodle Daisy, Summer Cottage, Lime’s Up, Camellia, and Tea Garden have been wildly popular, but you can find even some retired patterns below.  Be sure to “Like” this page or bookmark it so you can come back often and always be updated with the latest patterns so you can find the Vera Bradley pattern you have been looking for.  Enjoy browsing.